Natural Layering Direct Composite Master Course – Partial Payment


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In this 3 days Hands on Natural Layering Direct Composite Master Course, students will be able to learn the use of composite resins as direct restorations in a simple and didactic way through individualized training in order to recreate natural, beautiful, and esthetic anterior/posterior restorations.

Students will develop visual dexterity and hand skills required to master natural layering techniques to treat both anterior and posterior clinical cases using Dr. Felipe Villa Verde’s signature step-by-step mentoring, guidance, and repetition through the use of custom templates.

During this 3 days course, students will develop different techniques for handling composites, as well as different restorative protocols that can be easily and predictably be reproduced in clinical practice.

The Course will focus on helping students understand and recreate the natural tooth structure, and thus allowing acquired knowledge for the proper use of layers of resin and the faithful reproduction of dentin and enamel structures in any challenging clinical situation.

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