In Office Live Surgery Mentoring (Over The Shoulder Guidance)


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Recommend Hotel for the faculty (4 stars or more).
Flight tickets (preference business class with minimum amount of connections please)

The aim of this program is to support the doctor with planned surgeries in their own practice.

1 day before the surgery: we will discuss all the steps and confirm all the guides, temporaries and materials needed for the surgeries Surgical Day - the faculty will guide and help the doctor over the shoulder perform the planned surgeries by assisting with all the steps during the procedure. Also the faculty will provide support with the prosthetic portion of the surgery during the Easy Fit / Prosthesis capture outside the patient's mouth, demonstrate how to finalize the prosthesis portion so the doctor can delivery the temporary immediate load at the same day. We will also discuss everything about the procedure that was realized and guide the doctor with the future steps in preparing for delivery of final prosthesis (how to use and scan the easyfit)

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