Natural Porcelain Veneers Hands-on Course

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The biggest challenge when building a new smile is to achieve complete integration using porcelain veneers. By an extensive experience in oral rehabilitation and restorative dentistry, Dr. Felipe has been develop this predictable technique using Digital Dentistry and several points that must be connected to increase the appearance of each new smile. We already know that the most important thing in this process is the connection between laboratory and practice.



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However, this communication sometimes is not so clear and fast as it could be. But, the extensive knowledge connected to an amazing digital technology and ceramic materials developed in the past few years is probably the answer for clinicians that expect to improve your skills in oral rehabilitation and deliver the best results to your patients.

During the course you will have the opportunity to follow step-by-step all the sequence realized by Dr. Felipe, watched directly and transmitted by camera to the screen using clinical cases to share the technique and workshops to simulate the most usual clinical situations that can be perfectly replied in your practice.

By the hands-on class the attendants will practice every important steps like preps, digital impression, veneers and smile design, make-up, cement selection and cementation.

By theoretical class the attendees will receive the whole information about porcelain veneers, including the complete Dr. Felipe’s workflow exposed through several clinical cases and practice by hands-on class every important step to achieve the best natural final result, like: Hands-on: Preps, block selection, scanning, veneer design, milling, adjustments and texture, make-up and cementation

Hands-on: Preps, block selection, scanning, veneer design, milling, adjustments and texture, make-up and cementation

Flow Diagram

1st day

Planning and digital workflow – 8:30 to 12:00

Theoretical class:

  • Complete protocol for digital planning
  • Intra-oral scanning and digital wax-up
  • Designing and printing planning model
  • Mock-up to create the new shape
  • Selecting the right blocks and materials for different situations
  • Building “natural veneers”, how to achieve the natural appearance
  • Understanding the integration Substrate + Cement + Porcelain

Veneer design, milling and adjustments – 1:30 to 6:00

Theoretical and Hand-on class

  • How to design the best preparation for porcelain veneers
  • Hands-on: Let’s prep 4 upper incisors for conservative and thin veneers
  • What is really important to take the digital impression (live demonstration)
  • Let’s design the porcelain restoration (live demonstration)
  • Everything about lab procedures to enhance the best results using your CAD/CAM system
  • Milling porcelain veneers (live demonstration)
  • Printing the funcional model to adjust the restorations (live demonstration)

2nd day

The final touch and porcelain make-up – 8:30 to 12:00

Theoretical and Hand-on class:

  • The final touch, the most important step to create natural appearance
  • Hands-on: Finishing 4 porcelain veneers, using the best approach for each material (E.max and Empress CAD)
  • How to adjust the contact points, oclusal contacts and improve the texture
  • Increasing incisal effects and shade, it’s time to make-up the porcelain
  • Hands-on: Make-up technique of 4 upper incisors using E.max and Empress CAD, as simple as possible but high level results

Bonding protocol and cementation – 1:30 to 6:00

Theoretical and Hand-on class

  • Cements and cementation, how to select the right material for the best final result
  • The complete cementation workflow
  • Hands-on: Try-inn + cement selection + cementation of 4 upper incisors
  • Finishing the porcelain surface after final adjustments to achieve the best function and longevity
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